<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/16/70/52/09/180508071503.jpg?t=1548032610"><br>Downtown condo in a stellar location. Live adjacent to historic Colonial Lake just a block from Broad in one of the most beautiful historic condominium buildings in Charleston. This building has beautifully refinished marble hallways with historic brass and art deco embellishments. The condo was redone 6 years ago preserving the original hardwood floors and door moldings but completely refurbished the kitchen and bath adding gorgeous tile and granite, kitchen features such as convection oven, all new cabinets, great custom closet refitting, tons of storage builtins and a beautiful outdoor space/private balcony overlooking the historic homes and gardens of Harleston Village. Low regime fee and secure building with utilities under $100 per month! The best for lifestyle and budget.<br>